AXON FLEX On-Officer Camera

AXON Flex Benefits.

Protection every officer deserves.

U.S. law enforcement spends approximately $2 billion in settlements each year to resolve claims.

Agencies deploying POV video report dramatic decreases in complaints – many report 100% decrease in claims (UK Study).

Improves behavior
of all parties during police interactions.

Reduces false complaints and lawsuits
by accurately capturing video from the officer’s perspective.

Enhances public trust and creates safer communities at a lower cost.

Saves time and increases efficiency
– officers spend more time on patrol with automated workflows that reduce administrative workload.

Pre-event video buffer
yields the greatest reduction in complaints and lawsuits when actions leading up to the incidents are recorded.

Low light recording
best shows what the human eye actually sees.

AXON Flex Options

Why AXON Flex

AXON Flex = More Options
No other officer-worn camera solution on the market today offers more mounting options than the AXON Flex.

End-to-End Solution
(automated workflows)

AXON Flex video paired with EVIDENCE.COM services provides agencies with a simple to use, end-to-end solution to manage their data.

The TASER Experience
TASER® is the only brand of its kind with a presence in more than 100 countries and 16,500 law enforcement agencies. We’re committed to providing world-class customer service, support, reliability & training.

AXON Flex Features

POV Video – When it matters most... Show what really happened
Your perspective matters. Point of view video is not only critical in capturing what really happened but also getting that video record accepted as evidence. In a ground breaking US Supreme Court Case (Graham v. Connor 490 U.S. 386 (1989)) the court stated, “The ‘reasonableness’ of a particular use of force case must be judged from The Perspective of a Reasonable Officer on the Scene.”

Retina Low Light – Because most critical events happen at night
With Retina Low-Light we’ve used advanced imaging technology to increase the camera’s light sensitivity, allowing each pixel to capture light comparable to the human retina. We’ve highly customized this capability to give our users spectacular low light imaging that was designed to match the human eye. Retina Low-Light – there’s nothing else like it.

Full Shift Video Buffer- You never know when the action will happen
Reach back 30 seconds into the past and retrieve the events leading up to the event. When your honor is on the line, don’t let a 3-second cell phone clip define you. The AXON Flex controller has a 12+ hour battery that allows for full shift video buffer.

AXON Flex is Smartphone Compatible

The AXON Flex is smartphone compatible for wireless viewing.
The app is available for both the Apple iOS and Android systems.

Seamless Integration with
Oakley’s Flak Jacket Sunglasses

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